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Bluewater Pick-Up Services

Property Care Services


Non-Hazardous Waste Removal - Junk Removal

We remove various types of non-hazardous waste/junk.

Items we remove:

  • Grass, leaves and other yard waste (weeds, brush, soil, etc.)
  • Large Item domestic waste (furniture, patio sets, mattresses, carpet, TV's, etc.)
  • Wood waste and other common building materials (toilets, sinks, vanities, windows, drywall, tile/cement etc)

We perform small yard demolitions to assist with your yard waste removal.

We do not remove hazardous/toxic materials. We may be able to advise you where such materials can be disposed of locally in a safe manner.

Using our pick-up truck and trailer we avoid driveway damage due to heavy metal dumpster bins.

We recycle as much waste as possible to be environmentally friendly.


The price includes - labour, transportation costs, HST and dumping fees. Pricing is based on the weight/volume of the non-hazardous waste you want removed. Please note the minimum price for any pick-up is $40.00

While an average load of waste/junk is usually between $70-$200. Each job is priced individually. We are willing to consider jobs whether large or small.

  • You show us what you want removed
  • We give you our price
  • If you are agreeable we proceed and your non-hazardous waste/junk is gone

Contact us to see whether we can remove your dumpster bag for less than a large waste removal company.